About Us

We are a group of dedicated adventure-enthusiasts committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with your vacation from start to finish. Our team has a deep knowledge Oaxaca,  its culture, and traditions.  MOCAdventures works with associates that are top-notch with their service and quality.

Monica and Omar

Born and raised in Mexico City, Monica and Omar are Married and excited to have the opportunity to promote and share the beauty of her country through tours that connect people to the incredible culture, food, and art of Mexico. She has always been an avid adventure enthusiast, interested in travel and getting to know
other cultures, and values the way small boutique tours allow people to engage in and embrace a culture. Out of all the cities in Mexico, Oaxaca has a very special place in her heart – after just a few visits to Oaxaca, she fell in love with the architecture, people and beauty of the city so much so that together with her husband she decided to wed in Oaxaca. 


A Oaxacan native, Carlos has traveled and studied around the world and returned with an enthusiasm to share his culture with others. Currently the co-director of the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca a Spanish Language School in Oaxaca, Carlos has a deep understanding of Oaxaca, its food and culture. 

Carlos is founder of Fundación En Vía an organization that supports women in Oaxaca through microfinance, education and responsible tourism.


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