Why Travel with MOC?

A unique experience carefully designed to offer you a blend of culture, gastronomy and art.

If you have always dreamed of visiting Mexico and engaging in the culture and history of its people in a meaningful way, participating in MOC Adventures is the perfect solution. Your tailored experience encapsulates the best of what Oaxaca has to offer.

Small Groups and long-lasting experience

We are committed to providing tailored Oaxacan experiences on a small scale. Our groups have a maximum of 10 people because we want to provide a personalized service and feel that our participants appreciate the chance to interact with others in the group, many of our participants keep in touch long after they have returned to their home countries.

Stay in a Boutique Hotel with exquisite Oaxacan style

During your stay, you will be housed in a comfortable, boutique hotel, located in the middle of the beautiful historic center. The hotel, located in a converted Oaxacan mansion, provides modern comfort and excellent service combined with traditional Oaxacan hospitality. From the hotel you can explore the city, or, if you prefer, relax on the patio with the other guests.

Get to know the communities and local artists

On our Grant Masters’ Excursion, you will have the opportunity to visit local artists’ studios and personally meet some renowned Oaxacan artists. This excursion will also include a lecture on Oaxacan Art and Artists.

Embrace the magic of Oaxaca through its mystical history and culture

Oaxaca is recognized for its wonderfully diverse culture, something that is reflected in its daily life, architecture and archaeological sites. We arrange for you to visit some of the most important locations around Oaxaca’s central valleys, accompanied at all times by a bilingual, expert guide. In the smaller, outlying villages you will see firsthand how the people of our state have preserved their traditions within the framework of modern Mexico.

Savor the flavors of Oaxaca’s traditional and fusion cuisine.

Oaxaca is justly famous for its cuisine and we know the best places to eat in the city. Each day you will be able to sample some of the finest dishes that Oaxaca has to offer at restaurants that are some of Oaxaca’s best-kept secrets. Without exception, the food that you will enjoy will be carefully prepared using traditional, fresh ingredients hand-selected by local chefs in the markets around the city. You will also learn how to make authentic Mexican food, including your own salsas and tamales in our fully equipped kitchens. Your teachers are local Oaxacan women, who learned how to cook traditional Oaxacan dishes from their mothers and grandmothers before them.

Alebrijes de Oaxaca

A program that will surpass your expectations!

This diverse experience has been designed to enable you to get as much out of your time in Oaxaca. While your days are structured so that you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of things, the schedule is flexible enough to allow you to make decisions of what to do based on your own wishes and needs. Our trained specialists will teach you about some of the most famous Oaxacan traditions from the festivals of the Día de los Muertos(Day of the Dead) for which Oaxaca is justly famous and to the making of a the traditional atole.

We combine culture, excursions and wonderful food with your active participation in everything that Oaxaca has to offer. Your travel expectations will never be the same after this trip!


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