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Culinary Tour Itinerary 2018

The creation of this tour involved extensive research and careful planning. We are certain that it will be an enlightening and enjoyable experience for all! Please scroll down for the specific daily activities and events.

Day 1

We will pick you up at Oaxaca’s International Airport; from there we will take you to the Boutique Hotel where you will be staying, located in the heart of the city center of Oaxaca, just a few blocks away from Oaxaca’s main plaza, the Zocalo. After checking in we will hit the streets for an introductory walking tour of Oaxaca City.  

Day 2

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• Introduction to the history and culture of Oaxaca and its food.
• Visit to the bustling Abastos Market, the largest market in Oaxaca. Where we’ll weave our way through the fresh fruits and vegetables, bundles of chilies, stalls of fresh flowers, and much more!
• Chocolate! After the market, we’ll make our way over to a one of the chocolate grinders where will get to see the process of making Oaxacan Chocolate.
• We’ll unwind the day at Mezcaloteca, a mezcal tasting room, and indulge in some of the city’s best mezcal.

Day 3

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• Our first cooking class! In our first cooking class we will learn how to make typical Oaxacan sweets, known as Dulces Typicos, which included candied yams, coconut tarts, guava flans and more!
• Dinner at Biznaga.

Day 4

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• Traditional Zapotec cooking class at the home of Eugenia in Teotitlan, where will learn to make mole and hand-made tamales.
•Lunch at Eugenia’s.
• While in Teotitlan we’ll also meet a traditional weaver and learn about the detailed and labor-intensive process of making a woven rug from carding to dying to weaving.
• Dinner at Pitiona.

Day 5

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• Tamale and atole cooking class.
• Visit to the archeological site of Monte Alban, once considered the capital of the Zapotec people between the years of 500 B.C. and 800 A.D and Arrazola, town of the Alebrijes (fantastical animal woodcarvings).
• Dinner at Casa Oaxaca.

Day 6

• Breakfast at the hotel
• Excursion to the archeological site Mitla and San Maria el Tule, home of the infamous, grand Tule tree – the widest tree in the world.
• Lunch at Hacienda Zapata.
• Visit to a Mezcal Palenque, to learn about the production of the mezcal.
• Dinner at Los Danzantes.

Day 7

• Breakfast at the hotel
•Transportation to the hotel.

We recommend staying for the Radish Festival “Noche de Rabanos” which takes place in the Zocolo the night of December 23rd!


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